Nn Wholefood Nutrition – General Health

Nn Wholefood Nutrition – General Health

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Wholesome Raw Food for Health, Vitality & Zest!

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Nn Wholefood Nutrition – General Health

Nn Wholefood Nutrition is a supreme blend of raw, living foods. In every single packet, you get optimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, mushrooms and sea plants. It’s a quick and easy raw food solution for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nn Wholefood Nutrition is a supreme blend of raw, “living” wholefoods, formulated accoding to the Saeng Shik* philosophy. It provides balanced nutrition the way nature intended, with enhanced bioavailability and effectiveness.

Thanks to proprietary processing under stringent conditions, every serving of Nn Wholefood Nutrition brings you the goodness of more than 50 raw whole foods at their peak potency, in as close to their natural and “living” state as possible.

With more than 50 of the highest quality raw whole food plant ingredients (fruits, vegetables, grains, mushrooms and sea plants), this formula provides essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, fatty acids, protein and carbohydrates.

Going beyond basic nutrition, the formula also contains thousands of naturally occurring enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients known to have profound and positive effects on health.

Important Enzymes & Antioxidants In Wheatgrass & Their Functions

  • Delicious natural banana flavour
  • LOW GI
  • No artificial colouring, artificial flavouring
  • No added sugar, No preservatives


Additional information

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15 sachets


Wheatgrass powder and fructose.
Fructose gives fruit its natural sweetness. The amount of fructose used is safe for diabetics. If more than 12 packets are consumed a day, please monitor the blood sugar level.

How To Use

one sachet per day