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Established since 2015, Best Living Health n Beauty provides the best service in skin care and supplement in Malaysia located at Cheras. Our goal is to create work that is honest and solutions that are exploratory. We belief in serving our client’s with excitement and satisfaction as the end result.

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婴儿的皮肤能迅速的在28天内痊愈。新的干细胞具有完全修复的能力。然而,25岁以上的成人皮肤却需时超过40天才能更新。皮肤更新能力已减缓。您将发现自己的皮肤不再显得水润或年轻,而且您的复原能力不再如以前般快速。 当我们的年龄增长时,我们的皮肤也受到多种因素,包括阳光照射、环境污染、个人健康、所摄入的食物等等所影响。这些因素将会降低皮肤的再生能力,并减少皮肤上主要干细胞与胶原蛋白的供给。 Read More

What Happens to Skin We Age?

A baby’s skin can heal really quickly in 28days. The new stem cells are capable of complete repair. Adult’s... Read More