LA’DERM P-erfecting Purifying Control Aqua

LA’DERM P-erfecting Purifying Control Aqua

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Say Bye-Bye to blemishes and oily skin in just three days. Prevents oil accumulation, tighten up pores, regulates and restore skin condition to minimize oil secretion.

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LA’DERM P-erfecting Purifying Control Aqua

LA’DERM Perfecting Purifying Control Aqua regulates oily skin, tightens up open pores and soothes sensitive skin. Summer days with high temperature aggravates sebum secretion and open pores especially at T zone, nose and forehead areas. This focus adjusts skin condition, fixes pores for a smooth surface without open pores, over the top sebum discharge and make up issues.

It controls sebum discharge on both sleek and maturing skin, refines skin surface, fixes pores, and lessens sebum secretion.

Microscopic organisms and infection will make the pores congested, along these lines, pimples and skin inflammation are shaped. P-erfecting Purifying Control Aqua will helps to clean-up the pores, dissolve and kill the bacteria or virus, at the same time purifying your pores, lighten the scars and brighten your skin.

Balance skin condition, tightens pores for a smooth texture without open pores, excessive sebum secretion and make up problems.

LA’DERM’ ENLIGHTEN ME P-erfecting Purifying Control Aqua is suitable for all skin type, especially sensitive skin! If there is no proper cleansing, oily skin with excessive sebum secretion will cause clogged pores, hence, lead to blemish, pimple and other skin problem.

Benefits of LA’DERM P-erfecting Purifying Control Aqua

  • Refine pores
  • Pimples controlled and enhance pimples issue
  • Oil Seed Eliminated
  • Expel Blackhead and Whitehead
  • Refines the pores and take care of pore
  • Smoothen the Skin
  • Skin Tone Equally
  • Manages sebum
  • Calms delicate skin
  • Quiets skin
  • For a fine and smooth surface


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Glycerine, Pearl Extract, Alone Extract, Vitamin A Acetate, Algae Extract, Butylene Glycol, Allatoin, Triethanolamine, Deionised Water.

How To Use

After use oil control toner, take adequate amount and apply evenly onto face. Used 1-2 times a day.