Understand Hair Loss

Understand Hair Loss

On average, we shed between 40 and 100 strands of hair daily as part of our natural hair growth cycle. Abnormal hair loss is when you lose more hair than you re-grow. There are many factors contributing to hair loss, but the most common is hereditary hair loss known as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. It is typically a progressive condition, which, if left untreated results in complete baldness. Studies show that this type of hair loss is inherited by both men and women, caused by the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that shrinks the hair follicles until they no longer produce visible hair.

For Men:
The most common hair problem in men is male pattern baldness or Alopecia. Men are genetically predisposed to lose hair on the crown, at the hair line & the temples resulting in a signature horseshoe shape on top of the head.

For Women:
Hair problems for women tend to be in the hair structure itself – rough, brittle hair & split ends. If a woman’s hair thins, it is usually not confined to a specific location, but can occur at any receptor located anywhere on the head.

Losing Hair?
Here are some of the common signs of hair loss – finding a lot of hair on your brush, comb, pillow, shower drain, or floor! If you are seeing any of these signs now, you need to do something before it is too late. The faster you act, the less your hairline will recede. Hair loss is progressive. Without intervention, it can only get worse!

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