Xcel Phyto Kacip Fatimah

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Upon the consumption of Phyto Kacip Famitah, females tend to attain significant health effects, especially in the aspects of health, beauty and care.

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Xcel Phyto Kacip Fatimah

Phyto Kacip Fatimah (scientific name : Labisia Pumila) can be found in Malaysia’s unpolluted tropical rainforest which sits 350 meters above the sea level. It is a short and tiny plant which is usually seen growing beside Tongkat Ali. Both plants seem to resemble a pair of couple who always stands side by side. Upon the consumption of Phyto Kacip Famitah, females tend to attain significant health effects, especially in the aspects of health, beauty and care.

The Malaysian herbal remedy “ Fatimah” enables the females to increase their feminine energy tremendously. It is rich in phytoestrogen which plays a role in regulating the physiological function in females. Regular “Fatimah” consumption can help the females to keep their skin supple and smooth, achieve ideal body shapes and remain energetic!

“Fatimah” is considered to be effective in labour induction and postpartum care. It plays an indispensable role to shrink and tone the belly of women who have given birth. The uterus of women who consume “ Fatimah” after giving birth generally takes a shorter time, which is an average of six weeks, to shrink back to its normal size.

Appropriate supplementation of Kacip Fatimah

Female ages 25- 30With Strong Feminine Energy

  • Physical sensation :Smooth skin, Beautiful S-curve body shape, Attractive appearance and energetic, Cold hands and feet of women with weak constitution, Cold womb dysmenorrhea
  • Effects of 30 to 60 day consumption : Hands and feet of women with weak constitution stay warm. Warming up of uterus and relief of menstrual cramps

Female ages 30 – 40 Onset of aging-like changes, Giving birth of babies, Career development stage, With increased stress.

  • Physical sensation :Gynecological inflammation, Labour and childbirth, Loose vagina, Appearance of first wrinkle on the face, Obesity, loose muscles and sagging breasts, Decreased sleep quality, Difficulty in implantation of ovum to the uterine wall, Struggling with boring sex life and loss of sex drive
  • Effects of 30 to 60 day consumption : Disinfection and convergence, Uterine contraction (after lactation period), Vagina tightening, Skin tightening and improvement of facial skin texture and lifting of sagging skin, Fat reduction, Body firming and breast enhancement to achieve S-curve body shape, Regulation of sleep, Increase likelihood of implantation of ovum to the uterine wall, Increase libido and sexual arousal.

Female ages 40 – 50 Occurrence of perimenopause, Taking care of elderly parents, Raising children, Working

  • Physical sensation :Premature menopause, Occurrence of irregular menstruation, dark spots on face, anxiety, Frustration or depression, Hot flashes, night sweat, Insomnia and disturbing dreams, Decreased libido, Osteoporosis, Decline in physical fitness and overall health.
  • Effects of 30 to 60 day consumption : Delay in the onset of natural menopause, Feeling of a sense of ease and happiness, Relief effect, Increased sex drive, Reduction of the risk of osteoporosis, Restoration of women’s physical fitness and overall health.

Female ages Above 50 Menopause and postmenopause, Growing up of children

  • Physical sensation :Body and vaginal dryness, Uterine prolapse, Enuresis.
  • Effects of 30 to 60 day consumption : Improve of microcirculation that leads to increase in vaginal lubrication, Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles and shrinkage if uterus, Contraction of PC muscles and anal sphincter muscles to relieve enuresis.

Kacip Fatimah can be used to treat frigidity, enabling women to achieve orgasm more easily during sex. Malaysian women generally consume Kacip Fatimah to enhance sexual pleasure and reach orgasm more easily.

Benefits of Xcel Phyto Kacip Fatimah

  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Boost physical energy and vitality
  • Increase libido and sexual arousal
  • Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Enhance muscle contraction after giving birth
  • Tighten skin, improve facial skin texture and lift sagging skin
  • Relieve the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweat and insomnia
  • Warm up uterus, relieve menstrual cramps and regulate menstrual cycle
  • Help gain pelvix floor muscles and restore physical fitness and health in women
  • Reduce fat, keep the body firm and enhance breasts to achieve S-curve body shape
  • Maintain hormonal balance to improve microcirculatory disturbance which is associated with endocrine secretion

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