Susenji Slimming Gel


Susenji Slimming Gel

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Generally able to reduce 1-5cm in a week, while obese people might able to lose 1-3cm. Result may be varied from person to person. It is a supplement for ladies as it works well in skin beautifying by promoting hormone excretion.

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Susenji Slimming Gel

The 1st Amazing Effect:
Expel Excess Water From Body
There is water in the blood flow in the systemic. Generally, the water will be expelled from the systemic through lymphatic system. However, excess water might be unable to be expelled and stay in the tissue, if the lymphatic system is clogged. This will cause edema. By massaging the lymphatic system, together with the waste and toxin from metabolism, excess water may be expelled from the body.

The 2nd Amazing Effect:
Increase The Fat Burning Rate
The amazing element to unclog and burn fat that able to break down the stubborn fat granule. Menthol in the product helps the fat burning ingredient to penetrate into the body, in order to clear the disturbance of the lipid cell barriers. It is cooling and gentle, and able to keep skin firm. It may also clean blood vessels, stimulates nervous system and promote microcirculation and increase the fat burning rate, by promoting detox and perspire of lymphatic.

The 3rd Amazing Effect:
Eliminate Vivotoxin
Metabolism slows down as age and it may lead to mental fatigue. Further with lack of exercise, the accumulation of vivotoxin may cause edema and dullness. However, body circulation may be accelerated through the product. Vivotoxin may be easily expelled from the body, once pores are expanded and sweat.

The 4th Amazing Effect:
Increase The Efficiency of Skin Care
Skin temperature is increased along with the improvement of circulation, after the product’s application. The skin absorbency will be improved once the pores are expanded. It may supply nutrients such as peeling and exfoliating factors to skin, after the application. It increases the efficiency of skin care as it benefit to the absorbency of body slimming and water expel, while smoothing and refining skin, keep skin firm, tight and elastic. It leaves you a supple, ruddy complexion and bright skin.

Lymph Drainage Massage For Weight Loss:
Lymph is the key to regulate body balance. The accumulated toxin in lymph may lead the failure of weight loss. Therefore, the cleaning of lymph drainage is the best way for local weight loss.

Vanillyl Butyl Ether
By adopting the supercritical extraction, the provided heat effect is few times more than general capsicum extracts and may be remained up to few hours. The heat is strong even with low amount of usage. The heat may accelerate metabolism and promotes blood circulation.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
It is moisture factors- rich as well as moisture and brightens skin naturally. It works well in anti-wrinkles and spot removing too.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium Hyalurote is well known as the best moisture ingredient as the hyaluronic molecule carries 500 times of aqua.

Susenji Body Slimming Gel is suitable for :

  • People who need to lose weight
  • Keen to lose weight but afraid of side effect
  • Those don’t like to work out
  • Men with pot belly

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How To Use

Apply twice a day after shower (day and night) for better result.

Direction:(Massage until thoroughly absorbed)Apply appropriate amount on the necessary parts massage gently until the product is thoroughly absorbed. The heat may be felt a few minutes later after application. The amount of application may be adjusted based on individual circumstances. Apply twice a day after the shower (day and night) for better result.The Effect of Susenji Body Slimming Gel:Generally able to reduce 1-5cm in a week, while obese people might able to lose 1-3cm. Result may be varied from person to person. It is a supplement for ladies as it works well in skin beautifying by promoting hormone excretion.

Caution:1)Do not apply on eyes. Flush with a large amount of water if product gets into eyes. 2)Wash hands with hand soap after application. 3)Not suitable for pregnant ladies and kids below 10 years old.