Susenji NANA

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A 30 Days skin brightening and rejuvenating cycle that significantly improves your skin overall health and appearance!

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Susenji NANA

Susenji Nana is a beauty oral supplement that comprises of 4 mains ingredients that possess strong antioxidant and whitening qualities, providing the skin its required whitening and anti-aging factors.

It is a lemon flavoured anti-aging essence powder. Whitens skin, lightens dark spots, improves skin tone, for moisturized and glowing skin, improves large pores, delay ageing, reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

It stimulates the growth of body’s collagen and elastin, effectively inhibits over production of melanin this improving dull uneven skin tone, fine lines or wrinkles and sagging skin problems. It will restore your fair white, soft and young skin inside out.

Extracted with high-end technology to maintain high purity of ingredients, it uses all natural plant ingredients only. It has zero collagen content 100% safe for vegetanans and vegans

Benefits of Susenji NANA

  • Skin Whitening, Brightening and Firming
  • Anti-UV rays
  • Hydration and Moisturise Skin
  • Improving Skin Elasticity
  • Delay Aging
  • Increase Skin Immunity
  • Lighten Scars
  • Lighten Pigmentations
  • Repairs Damaged Skin
  • Helps Minimize Pores
  • Prevent Acne and Breakouts
  • Reduce Fine lines and Wrinkles

How To Use

Drink one sachet in the morning before meal


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

1 Box, 2 Boxes


20 sachets


Yeast ceramide, maqui berry, saberry, grape seed extract, torula yeast, lemon

How To Use

Pour a bag of 15g Susenji Orange into the cup. Add 120ml – 150ml of room temperature water or cold water (The amount of water can be adjusted according to individual taste.) Shake for a few seconds using a shaker or stir until the powder melts.