Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask


Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask

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Protect and revitalising dermal stem cell (collagen & elastin) reduce edema, whitening, pore refining, reduce wrinkles, improves skin elastin and smoothness


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Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask

Protect and revitalising dermal stem cell (collagen & elastin) reduce edema, whitening, pore refining, reduce wrinkles, improves skin elastin and smoothness

PhytoCellTec Argan Argan stem cells can enhance the dermal regenerative capacity of stem cells to achieve “deep whitening” effect. According to the experimental Swiss experts confirmed PhytoCellTec
Argan Argan stem cells:· The first paragraph of the active ingredient can simultaneously protect and activation of human dermal stem cells (collagen & elastin fibers)· Significantly enhance the density of the dermal tissue· 26% reduction in the depth of wrinkles.

Collagen peptide is enzymatically decomposed marine collagen peptide essence, this peptide is smaller than the membrane pore, absorption rate of over 95%, direct access to the dermal layer, to a depth lock water and nourish effect, making the skin Compact and delicate, moist through the white and elastic.

EGF epidermal growth factor is an active substance in the human body, consisting of the 53 amino living cells by stimulation of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine phosphorylation, to repair the proliferation of skin surface cells, its greatest feature is It can promote the proliferation and differentiation of cells, thus new cells to replace the aging and death of cells.

Mineral mud seaweed extract ingredients, oil control clean pores, provide adequate moisture, calm fatigue, rough skin, the skin maintain smooth, shiny. Pure natural plant Seaweed, is a versatile and effective beauty mask, after the United States, Japan high-tech medical research centers invention, which contains protein hormone, vitamin E, can play on the facial skin wrinkles, freckle, whitening, anti-inflammatory, eliminate eye wrinkles and bags under the eyes, increasing the role of nutrition moisture, making skin more elastic and youthful force.

Vitamin C has antioxidant and skin whitening effect, can promote skin collagen synthesis, maintain skin elasticity, prevent sun damaged skin, repair dull sallow skin and help skin seal in moisture. This product is the main component added vitamin C, allantoin, panthenol, effectively whitening, moisturizing skin. Sodium hyaluronic acid layer of moisturizing film on the skin surface, suppressing evaporation. Cabbage leaves, lettuce leaf, witch hazel and other natural extracts, nutritional supplements to the skin, so skin full stretch.

Benefits of Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask

  • Activated cell
  • Firming, Lifting and tightening
  • Fading edema
  • Repair fine lines
  • Lighten dark circles
  • Whitening and brightening
  • Oil control moisturizing

How To Use

Apply 5g-8g REVE Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask on dry clean face, cleanse with warm water after 15 minutes. Suggest to use once a week.

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