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Herbal weight loss products are a great safe option for people who want natural weight loss way. Approved By Ministry of Health Malaysia : MAL13025001TC

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When the body is out of balance, either from a poor diet, lack of exercise, or emotional stress, the overall health of the body is compromised. Important function such as digestion, metabolism become impaired as a result. Waste products from metabolism, as well as from environmental toxins are then allowed to accumulated in the body, leading to uncontrollable weight gain.

Herbal weight loss products are a great safe option for people who want natural weight loss way. Using herbal supplements is not a lose weight quick scheme because when you take herbs there is a subtle effect on the body because of the natural way they come from plants.

Phytovit Laxease is a capsule that provides gentle, overnight relief from occasional constipation and helps to eliminate waste and axcess food from body. Two capsules are said to provide as effective

Senna Leaves Powder
This is an herbal laxative. Senna is a main ingredient in weight loss supplements, and stimulates the colon, leading to the increase metabolism of fat.

Tea Leaves Powder
The weight loss green tea leaves. It curbs appetite. Rich in the anti-oxidant polyphenol Catechin for longetivity & healthy immune system. It is the thermogenic slimming herb for weight loss & fat burn evolving extra energy. Protects against heart disease by mobilizing bad LDI cholesterol & triglycerides from the tissues & articles to be excreted through the liver. Improves blood circulation & lowers blood pressure.

Fructus Crataefus Pinnatifida
A thermogenic herb which stimulate digestion & increase BMR enhancing tissue fat catabolism. Improves blood circulation & prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Garcina Combogia
Helps to control carbohydrates frin transforming or storing as fat

Rrugosa Tea
Sweet taste, able to speed up metabolism, helps in detoxification, more visible in slimming total body contour.

Benefits of PhytoSlim

  • Functioning-effectively, burn excess fat, reduce urge for food and increase energy
  • Take this product should be in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise program for effective effect in healthy.
  • Each capsule from herbal natural plants and safe for use.
  • Consume plenty of plain water and eat more fruits.
  • Without side effects and diarrhea.
  • No artificial ingredients or supplemental materials.
  • No need to diet, starvation & eat like normal
  • No need to exercise, No diarrhea and No Flabby
  • 3 times more efficient to burn fat and loss weight
  • Improved Metabolism
  • 100% natural ingredients and safe
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Safe & Proven Effective


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30 Capsules


1 capsule in the morning after food (take more of vegetables & water for best result)