Nn Neptune Krill Oil

Nn Neptune Krill Oil

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Nn Neptune Krill Oil: Better Omega-3s in Phospholipid Form The Gold Standard For Krill Supplement. Clinically-tested and patented

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Nn Neptune Krill Oil

By the Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Quebec, Canada manufacturing, derived from 100% pure Antarctic krill, low-temperature vacuum extraction method using patented derived, keep NKO ® active ingredient, to provide you with krill oil the best quality.

The bioavailability of NKO ® even better than fish oil, per serving of NKO ® contains 132.5mg Omega-3 phospholipids, having better absorption rate. As an industry-recognized leader in krill oil, Neptune holds worldwide patents and has numerous clinical studies proving its efficacy on health.

High EPA and DHA levels in phospholipid form : Krill oil’s phospholipid structure makes it highly bioavailable and potent, thus making smaller doses sufficient.

Contains antioxidant astaxanthin : Astaxanthin,an antioxidant prominent in krill oil, makes it highly resistant to oxidation, keeping it fresher for longer

Lower in Omega-6 : Krill oil contains almost zero Omega-6 fats (pro-inflammatory fats which, in excess, can counteract the benefits of Omega-3).

Optimum purity and naturally clean with less impurity : Krill sits at the bottom of the food chain so it does not accumulate dangerous levels of toxins like heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and pesticides

Easy-to-digest – No fishy burps : Its phospholipid form makes it easy to mix with water and thus does not pool on top of the stomach, causing reflux and fishy aftertaste common in fish oil.

Great for all ages – children, adults, the elderly, with added benefit for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers!

Benefits of Nn Neptune Krill Oil

  • Help maintain cardiovascular health, having superior results than fish oil.
  • Help ease the discomfort of bone and joint.
  • Among astaxanthin is an excellent antioxidant, effectively against free radicals.
  • Enhance concentration and improve memory.
  • Help relieve menstrual discomfort and emotional aspects



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Krill Oil (crustacean product), Softgel (fish gelatin, glycerin, water), Humectant (sorbitol), Glazing agent (ethyl vanillin), Glazing agent (natural vanilla oil).

How To Use

Take 1-2 capsules with meal every morning.