Nn DHA Chewables 300

Nn DHA Chewables 300

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Support Your Kids’ Intelligence with More Concentrated DHA

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Nn DHA Chewables 300

Each DHA Chewable with a delicious orange flavor, but no sugar and saccharin containing 300mg Omegacaps ® Silver ® DHA powder with molecular distillation process.

Uses special processing procedures, advanced production technology, to ensure that finished products to achieve the optimal concentration and effectiveness.

Free of heavy metals, PCB and dioxin; DHA helps children’s performance in school, DHA is an important factor to enhance the development of the mind; DHA ensure prenatal brain development: research indicates DHA-rich diet of the mother gave birth to a smarter baby; DHA protect the mother’s brain and body: If a pregnant mother has inadequate intake of DHA, and that her brain DHA will be used to provide to her baby; DHA delay in mind the recession, but also to protect vision loss

Nn DHA Chewables 300 is recommended for :

  • Parents with young children – the earlier you start them on DHA, the better
  • Parents with school-going children, or teenagers
  • Working adults who use computers
  • Pregnant women – baby’s brain development starts as early as the 2nd trimester
  • Breast-feeding mothers – replenishes DHA levels in mothers to maintain alertness and memory, and prevent post-partum depression.
  • The elderly – DHA protects against failing memory and failing eyesight
  • People who complain of poor memory



Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

1 Bottle


50 chewable tablets


Lactose, Maltodextrin, DHA Powder, Anti-caking Agent(Tricalcium Phosphate), Flavour(Orange Flavor Powder), Anti-caking agent(Magnesium stearate), Sweetener(Aspartame), Anti-caking agent(Silicon dioxide).

How To Use

1-3 times daily 1-2 chewables each time.