Juliana Francoise CO2 B Mask


Juliana Francoise CO2 B Mask

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Juliana Francoise CO2 B Mask larger, fuller, firmer breast in weeks.

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Juliana Francoise CO2 B Mask

Juliana Francoise Innovation Breast, in women, begin their initial stages of evolution at about the age of then. The breast will further develop during puberty, and become more developed throughout the teenage years, reaching development within a woman’s early to mid-twenties.

No doubt, breasts are a significant attribute of women’s feminine physicality. Although unique to their naturally intended functionality of lactation, all breasts, of any size, are appealing to the opposite sex. Based upon the dual role of breast, it is vital that women, in general, are aware of how to prevent them from sagging and darkening!

Unlike average men, with breast that consist of more muscle mass and less anatomical and biological structure, the breasts of women are quite flexible and mainly made up of connective tissue, mammary glands, ligaments, and fat.

Because of this, post pregnancy changes in size and stance. Gravity, by nature, can have its adverse effects on a women’s breast. In an effort to combat the unavoidable gravitational forces that prey upon the weight of the projected anatomy of the female body, knowing how to take good care of the breast is an up most important skincare routine!

Thankfully with the application of Juliana Francoise innovative CO2 B Mask, pigmentations and unsightly dark blemishes become a thing of the past.



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Emulsifier Water, Carbon Dioxide Gel Extract & Gas, BenzoicMenthol, Nano NPP Extracts, Sorbitol, Propan1-ol, Poloxamer 407, Vitis Vinifera Fruit Extract, Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, Metha Piperita, Primula Veris Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extrat, Menthyl Salicylate,Sodium Saccharin, Eucalyptol, Mint Extract, Sodium Benzoate.

How To Use

Use 5 days consecutively for ultra whitening effect put in the freezer 5 minutes before use. Tear open the mask and stay on your breast 15 mins after bathing. Dispose the mask after each usage. No rinsing is necessary. For maintenance purpose: keep the CO2 B Mask in the fridge and use once weekly.