CNI Well3 Life Enzyme 30s

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CNI Well3 Life Enzyme is a complex enzyme extracted from various daily foods.

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CNI Well3 Life Enzyme

CNI Well3 Life Enzyme is a complex enzyme extracted from various daily foods.

High Reactivity
Reactivity is the moving force of enzyme. Normally enzyme’s reactivity will be diminished at 50°C upwards. However, Well3 Life Enzyme’s reactivity, on the contrary, is increased threefold at high temperature even until 80°C.

Enzyme’s stability is easily affected by humidity and heat. To maintain its reactivity, most enzymes need syrup and stabilizer. However, Well3 Life Enzyme does not need these to keep its reactivity up to 10 years or more.

Safe to consume
CNI Well3 Life Enzyme is pure and clean, which is produced fully from natural fruits and vegetables. It’s free from preservatives, antibiotic, saccharin, colorings, flavorings, animal derivatives, heavy metal, pesticides and drugs.

Benefits of CNI Well3 Life Enzyme

  • Coordinates body’s internal functions Enzyme can stabilise blood’s pH to become slightly alkaline, maintain body’s internal condition, improve immunity and preserve our body’s total equilibrium.
  • Anti-inflammation Inflammation occurs when damaged cells are infected. Enzyme helps stimulate and enhance the function of white blood cells to restore the damaged cells.
  • Detoxify Detoxification is enzyme’s most important benefit. Enzyme can eliminate toxins, breaks down abscess and waste (toxins) in wound or blood vessels to be removed from our body via our detoxifying organ. Our body will then resume its function and be free from harmful free radicals.
  • Disintegration Breaks down nutrients with large, complex molecular structure into simpler forms so that they can be easily absorbed and utilised by our cells. It ensures the functional ability of our digestive system and our body’s absorption capacity.
  • Blood cleansing Enzyme helps delay cholesterol oxidation to prevent cholesterol from accumulating on the walls of our blood vessels, it breaks down uric acid, fats and hinders trombosis for better blood circulation.
  • Cell regeneration ability Enzyme can increase metabolic rate and generate new cell, and it also heals and revives damaged cells at the same time.

How To Use

1 sachet before breakfast and before bedtime & Add in warm water ( 60°C Warm Water and stir)

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

1 Box, 4 Boxes


30 sachets

How to use

Pour 1 sachet into the mouth and drink a glass of water of fruit juice / Mix 1 sachet with a glass of 100ml water of fruit juice (take 1-2 sachets before breakfast).