Champion K-II (K2) Phenomenal King

Champion K-II (K2) Phenomenal King

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The world’s  first-class men’s treasure, soon will be the hottest product in Southeast Asia. Is definitely your excellent choice!

This product had changed new packaging and name to HE Absolute King

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Champion K-II (K2) Phenomenal King

German developers did number of studies and come into the results that showing more than 15 kinds of trace elements like: flavonoids, glycosylated flavonoids, straight-chain organic acids, steroids, androgen, etc., are proved to be powerful to promote cardiovascular circulatory system, without adding burder to the nerves, muscles and heart. These substances provide speedy supplements to the body’s energy, endurance and stamina. With all these substances, K-II Phenomenal King is the best nutritional supplement for all sports enthusiasts.

Medical studies have proved that excessive levels of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides can promote blood flow to the male reproductive organs, prompting cavernosum smooth muscle cells activated cyclic guanosine monophosphate CGMP, produce relaxation result to increase blood flow, may enhance normal organ function and enhance sensitivity degree, enhance health and promote marriage life better. Besides, the report shows the usage of K-II Phenomenal King improve health while without bring any side effects for men.

K-II Phenomenal King uses the latest German extraction technology, a unique complex formula consists of three main natural ingredient silymarin, cynomorium, red Pueraria cream fermentation. These ingredient enhance the effect of K-II so much, and they are easily absorbed by the human body.

K-II consists of pure natural plant extracts, famous in Europe, one of the first successful men products! applied under the tongue absorption. K-II dissolved in mouth under the tongue and hundreds of nutrients are absorb unconsciously. Poweful after consumption of 2 to 5 sachets. Proved effective by number of users and 95% of them are satisfied with the result and return to get more.

The pressure from daily work life, tension lifestyle, lack of sleep, fatigue, radiation from electronic devices, have become the main reason of men’s liver illness and prostatitis. For living and career, these stress seems to be unavoidable. The aging of our body is inevitable. Similar to our hair is growing grey, wrinkles on our skin, organ inside our body like liver and prostate get old too. We need to solve it  out a way to adapt to the aging of our body.

Reference list for Physiological reaction and treatments after using K-II :

  1. Light Physiological Reactions~ Include: drowsiness, fatigue, stiff neck, diarrhea (soft stools, several times a day, diarrhea not accompanied with abdominal pain), mild itching, and more fart and so on.
  2. Heavy Physiological Reactions~Occur: headache, dizziness, fever, single sitting, eczema, joint pain, blood sugar, blood pressure, asthma, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia

Benefits of Champion K-II (K2) Phenomenal King

  • Enhance and protect liver cells
  • Increase male and female fertility and libido discharge.
  • Restore energy & enhance the immune system
  • Overcome the problem of bedwetting, difficult of urination, and common urination.
  • Enhance prostatitis or enhance urination Issues.
  • Enhance male sex drive.
  • Reduce diabetes or reduce blood pressure or reducing cholesterol level
  • Stabilize the hormonal system
  • Overcome fatigue & lack of sleep
  • Ease women menstrual problem
  • Solve insomnia problem.
  • Anti-aging.


This product had changed new packaging and name to HE Absolute King


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

1 Box


20 sachets


1) Milk Thistle
* Protect liver cells
* Prevention of hepatitis
* Promote regeneration
* Help liver detoxification
* Prevention of bile duct stones
2) Oligosakarida
*Prevention of colorectal cancer
*Enhance immune function
*Help body growth and development
*Promote intestinal health
3) Mangosteen
*Retard skin aging
*Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
*Inhibit cancer tumors
*Prevention of stroke
*Enhance immune function
4) Pineapple
*Improve blood circulation
*Eliminate edema
*Blood detoxification
*Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
*Diuretic antihypertensive
5) Cynomonium Songaricum
*Eliminate menstrual pain, infertility
*Improve nocturia, urinary frequency
*To improve premature ejaculation, infertility
*Improve prostate enlargement
*Lower blood sugar, improve asthma
6) Butea Superba
*Promote blood circulation
*Prevent memory loss
*Improve sexual function and sensitivity
*Add energy, anti-aging
*Improve sexual performance and keep skin moisturized

How To Use

1 pack per day, in the morning before meals is recommended for adults and athletes. K-II powder is poured into the top of the tongue, let it be dissolved and absorbed.

If you find no suitable method above, you can mix the powder with water.