Cavilla Lash Essence

Cavilla Lash Essence

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Nothing makes feel better than natural-look brows and eyelashes. Good eyebrows and lashes can brighten your appearance and make you look more youthful. Grow your lashes now!

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Cavilla Eyelash & Eyebrow Enchancing Serum

CAVILLA is the United States imported eyelash essence, contains a biological enzyme “EPM”, but also contains hyaluronic acid, Ligustrum lucidum extract Nutrition. Biological enzyme “EPM”, which consists of 10 amino acids, is a part of the formation of human tissue protein can make hair cells and form tissue, while activating dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue. Hyaluronic acid, Ligustrum lucidum extract nutrition, nourishing eyelashes from the root, accurate and in-depth activation of each hair follicle, so that the full nutrition eyelashes, so that eyelashes can naturally healthy growth, more slender, more natural curl, more densely.

Cavilla has the same function as Eyelash Extensions, but it also helps us grow REAL lashes. Not to mention that it would have the same effect on Eyebrows as well, if you applied a layer of essence on your brows, twice a day.

Benefits of Cavilla Eyelash & Eyebrow Enchancing Serum

  • Improves eyelash health, long and thick
  • Grow your eyelashes or eyebrows naturally faster

How To Use

Step 1: Before use every night, you must first remove the makeup, clean the face and remove the contact lenses, before treatment, please use the other basic skin care products skin care.
Step 2: First remove the brush, and then for the horizontal position to take, close to the end of the brush position down a drop of liquid, must not be inserted into the bottle inside the brush into the bottle essence.
Step 3: Brush the hair follicle on the surface of the skin, do not apply the eyelash body, please use a sterile brush to apply the solution on the skin with the eyelashes connected part of carefully along the eyelash line (where the eyeliner line) by Inside and outside the use.
Step 4: Clean the excess solution and wipe the excess solution with the paper towel at the eye face.
Step 5: Clean the brush. After use, rinse the brush with clean water and dry to keep the brush clean.



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