ANMYNA Skincare Toner

ANMYNA Skincare Toner

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Anmyna Skin Toner is not greasy, very moisturizing, skin absorption after the skin becomes very slippery, not same with other toner.

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ANMYNA Skincare Toner

Anmyna Skincare Toner Keep Your Skin Moisture and Refreshing. The refreshing and moisturizing Anmyna Skincare Toner allow your skin absorbed water sufficiently. Actively replenish water under the skin. Capable of cleaning and balancing the oil secretions. Able to smoothed pores and effectively complement all minerals and microelements the facial skin needs. This product able to long-lasting moisturize your skin and timely replenish the water lost in face cleaning. Besides, balancing the PH value of the skin, and keep the skin as soft and tender as water. Creating a good moisturizing foundation for the use of Anmyna Dreamy Skin Cream. Suitable for all skin types.

ANMYNA Skin Toner contains the essence of the deep hydrolysis, for the skin into the water power, remove the signs of dry and tired skin, increase skin immunity, calm, soothe the skin cells.

Refreshing moist liquid, timely absorption of penetration, and actively complement the skin moisture at the same time play the role of clean again, balance the skin, delicate pores, facial skin effectively complement the various minerals and trace elements needed, long-lasting moisturizing lock water, Replenish the skin in the cleansing of the loss of water at the same time, balance the skin PH value, so that the skin appears supple silky state. For the next step to use Anami silk emulsion to lay a good moisturizing foundation.

Contains natural moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing skin-friendly formula, moisturizes the pores, softens the skin, gives the skin a quick replenishment and facial skin needs a variety of trace elements and minerals. Essence of the water quality, effective in the skin surface to form a refreshing non-greasy protective film, moisturizing the skin at the same time, a firm lock in moisture, so that the skin smooth and supple, blowing shells can be broken.

Hyaluronic acid effect:

  1. known as the natural “moisturizing factor”, commonly known as hyaluronic acid, meaning like glass, bright and transparent water, its hyaluronic molecules can carry more than 500 times the moisture, is now recognized by the best moisturizing ingredients.
  2. The human body itself contains hyaluronic acid, there is no any rejection, no toxicity and any side effects.
  3. Widely used in human plastic filling. Used for facial shaping. This kind of surgery can be biological lysozyme degradation, wound healing without dismantling can be fully absorbed by the body, does not produce allergic reactions.

Natural vitamin skin care effect: Bio-phenol, the natural vitamin hydrolysis products, more easily absorbed by the skin, rich in a variety of minerals and fatty acids. Lubricating and calming the cells with the effect.

  1. in the role of castor oil, improve skin metabolism, the formation of a layer of protective film on the skin surface, can improve skin moisture, to maintain the skin water content of 25% -30%, to prevent water loss.
  2. tocopherol can repair the cuticle, improve skin immunity, for sensitive skin have a good soothing effect!
  3. for frequent smearing foundation, BB cream skin can play isolation, to prevent the direct contact with the skin silty allergies.

Magic castor oil skin care effect: Castor oil is a moisturizing high and moderate fat, rich in a variety of minerals and fatty acids. With lubrication and calm the effectiveness of calm cells, castor oil in the air almost no oxidation rancidity, storage stability, is a typical non-drying liquid oil.

  1. in the skin surface to form a layer of protective film, can improve skin moisture, to maintain epidermal water content in 25% -30%.
  2. lock the water at the same time, the effective inhibition of bacterial activity, play the role of anti-inflammatory sterilization.
  3. for frequent smearing foundation, BB cream skin can play isolation, to prevent the direct contact with the skin silty allergies.

Natural aloe vera: US Aloe vera, rich in moisturizing ingredients, amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, balance the skin excess oil, regulate excessive secretion of sebum, fine pores, induced stratum corneum thickening, improve water content.

  1. Promote fibroblast proliferation – delay skin aging
  2. Promote epidermal cell proliferation – to promote wound healing
  3. Promote the synthesis of collagen – to improve the phenomenon of skin relaxation
  4. Improve skin fine lines – reduce fine lines to enhance skin resistance, automatic storage, inhibit water evaporation!

Scientific validation:
Amina uses more than three years of quality Aloe vera leaves, the peeled, refined, isolated, stable purification and a series of high-tech technology developed from, is a pure natural aloe vera juice, retains the aloe in the various Active nutrients, with moisturizing, nutrition and moisture, anti-Min repair, balance oil secretion, anti-spot anti-pox, anti-aging, nutrition, hair and other effects. Applicable to all types of people, different skin. Natural security, easy to absorb, long-term use without side effects.

Deep seaweed: ANMYNAis used in the Arctic Ocean deep sea about 1400 meters of precious seaweed, pure pollution. Deep sea algae which contains a wealth of water-soluble collagen. Can be directly through the water channel protein directly into the cells inside to achieve the effect of deep lock water, enhance skin resistance, automatic storage, has been water evaporation!
Scientific validation:
In the appropriate conditions, a seaweed can grow 30 to 60 cm per day, can grow throughout the year. A year can grow to a giant algae more than 60 meters. In the spring and summer, as long as the water temperature is appropriate, it can grow about 2 meters per day, every 16 days to 20 days to double the size of the volume. This speed, whether on land or in the ocean, all other plants are far behind.

Licorice plant extracts:

  1. the whitening effect: the beauty industry recognized the most natural whitening factor, which is a whitening licorice brass auxiliary components, the effect of its inhibition of melanin 75 times stronger than Vc, can increase the skin a sense of transparency, the skin dull with Xingfu Role, dilute the effect of yellow gas is very obvious.
  2. detoxification: licorice in Chinese medicine as an adjuvant, with many traditional Chinese medicine to reconcile and increase its role, while also has a very good detoxification function, is the traditional antidote, often with aloe vera juice take together with a higher frequency (aloe vera juice poison).
  3. anti-inflammatory: can promote cell repair, eliminate cell metabolism of waste and free radicals, the skin has a good anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, and can damage the skin and harmful substances, with excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antioxidant Of the effect, is the care products additives in the top grade.
  4. health: because of the efficacy of detoxification, often as a soup ingredients, is a good medicine for dampness.
  5. moisturizing: promote glial cell hyperplasia, thickening of the skin, so that the loss of glial cell water is not easy, while reducing. Slow decomposition of hyaluronic acid, to extend the moisture retention time.

Benefits of ANMYNA Skincare Toner

  • Firming: to improve skin tightness, bring pulling effect
  • Gloss: reduce dull skin, water problems, enhance the gloss and light transmittance
  • Whiteness: Blemish eliminate black, to create white skin
  • Anti-wrinkle: to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles caused by lack of water
  • Smoothness: shrink pores, improve skin moisture, improve skin texture


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How To Use

after cleaning your face, pat your face with some Nourishing Skin Water in 2 minutes, for patting can improve the water absorption of the skin. Apply Anmyna Dreamy Skin Cream. subsequently, to retain water in the skin, for a better effect.

Precautions :

Please avoid applying this product to wounds, and place this product where infants can not reach, to avoid their swallowing; in the case of any discomfort or continuing redness or swelling, please stop using to consult the physician immediately.