ANMYNA Cushion CC Cream-Ivory white

ANMYNA Cushion CC Cream-Ivory white

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Easy to carry, and instantly display through natural muscle and skin anytime in order to be perfect and flawless.

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ANMYNA Cushion CC Cream

The unique selling point of Anmyna CC Cream Cushion is the natural ingredients with least chemicals. Resulted would not prove to skin sensitive, allowing users to use it safely. Besides, the CC Cram lay perfectly on your skin and stay longer. Hence, users do not have to worry about the makeup and check out frequently. On top of that, Anmyna CC Cream also perform multiple functions which resolve most of the skin problems. This product able to protect your skin from ultraviolet and radiation from the screens such as mobile and desktop. In addition, act as concealer which reduces scars visibility. Nonetheless, control oil secretion and maintain moisture. The perfect foundation for other makeup and keeps the skin hydrated from time to time. Suitable for all skin types.

The extraction of a variety of natural plant extracts, zero stimulation. One million core deposit gouache, contains a unique active moisturizing complex, make up doesn’t easily remove. It is creamy and silky texture, instantly touch with natural muscle. Multiple effects combination in one such as isolation, repair, concealer, repair skin tones, oil control and moisture.

Ivory tone: Concealer effect is relatively strong, moisturizing, breathable, oil control, isolation. Suitable for skin yellowish, with freckles who need concealer.

Benefits of ANMYNA Cushion CC Cream

  • Full isolation of ultraviolet rays, dust, computer radiation and other harmful substances, to prevent harm to the skin.
  • Moisturizing primer, millions of water storage powder core contains a unique activity of moisturizing complex, so looking finish more moist
  • Modified makeup, brighten the skin gloss, concealer black, yellowish, pale, dull and other unsightly color, make makeup look like a bare makeup.
  • SPF30 with the SPF to form a protective film, moisturizing the skin.


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How To Use

Cream puff with water, after wiping along the skin texture and gently pat the skin helps to fit the product. If you need to enhance the hiding power, can re-apply.

How To Refill

Gently press the cc crema container from the back of the cover. Remove the container. Match the refill pack container with the cover. Lastly, gently press and click the container onto the cover. You can enjoy the cc cream now