3CE Studio Velvet Cream Lip & Pencil Coral Moon

3CE Studio Velvet Cream Lip & Pencil Coral Moon

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Velvety cream texture liquid lip and lip pencil

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3CE Studio Velvet Cream Lip & Pencil Coral Moon

The velvet-creamy lip liquid and lip pencil leave your lips moisturized with a matte finish, while the two contrast colors create a novel and intoxicating new lip look.

Coral Moon – Give your lips an instant coral tinge. The warm coral lip liquid and the bright red lip pencil create a pleasantly surprising combination.
Chapter Pink – A pink coral for everybody. A natural and harmonious combination of a pink coral lip liquid and a lip pencil that undoubtedly looks good on everybody.
Desperado – A dark rich red liquid lip and a plum brown lip pencil for a deep ombre lip makeup look.
Focus On Me – A charge of energy we can’t help but love. A mixture of a warm-sunset red lip liquid and a clear, innocent apricot-beige that breathes in vitality and makes sure all eyes are on you.
Heart – Pull off both feminine and badass looks. A lip liquid in a calm rosy hue and a brick red lip pencil hover between innocent and mesmerizing.
Kisses – Blazing chemistry between two vivid colors. A mix of powerful eccentric red-orange lip liquid and passionate red pink.

Benefits of 3CE Studio Velvet Cream Lip & Pencil Coral Moon

  • Lip Shape Corrector
    More intricate, sharp and precise than ever! A velvet cream pencil that creates delicate lines to correct and draw the optimal shape, forming your lips to perfection.
  • Going Beyond Single Colour Lips
    This versatile lip pencil alone yields two different lip colours and four different looks. Match two colours for an ombre lip look or create full, vivid lips with a single colour.
  • Matte Outside! Hydrating Inside! Matte Velvet Cream Lips
    A liquid lipstick of velvety cream texture that leaves a matte finish while keeping lips hydrated. Ingredients like cottonseed oil and palm kernel butter help maintain supple and dewy lips
  • A Lip Applicator That Adheres Flawlessly
    Create the perfect look with a lip pencil that draws delicate lines with the optimal thickness of 3.1mm and a liquid lipstick that provides a subtle touch using and S-shape flocked-tip applicator

How to Use

Arrange the lip line with the concealer. Hold lip line guide with lip pencil. Apply the liquid lip to fill the remaining area. Completely smooth gradation of two colors.


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Chapter Pink, Coral Moon, Desperado, Focus On Me, Heart, Kisses