Lung Health

  • BLACKMORES Beta Carotene Capsules

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    Blackmores Betacarotene contains naturally sourced betacarotene. Betacarotene is converted into vitamin A as required by the body and is essential for the healthy function of the body’s skin and mucous membranes especially those of the eye.

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  • Oasis Cordyceps Tablet

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    Oasis Cordyceps Tablets – A Superior replacement of Wild CordycepsAs demands soared and rapacious collection decimated the natural supply, the wild Cordyceps became increasing rare and more valuable than gold.

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  • SNE SeaBuck Activ

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    SeaBuck Activ rich in vitamins A and C, helps to strengthen and moisturize mucous membrane, protects from microbes attack, to achieve the effectiveness of nourish the lungs and stomach.

    Ministry of Health Registration No. : MAL


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  • Wellous American Ginseng Tablet

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    Ginsenoside is an active ingredient in American Ginseng. Other than being a medicine, it also posseses a strong health effect. It ca regulate the nervous system in brain, nourish the lung and protect the heart from diseases.

    RM 140.00
  • Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King

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    Wellous Tigrox Tiger Milk King a remedy to help you keep the lungs healthy. It is a healthcare formula that contains Tiger Milk Mushroom as the main ingredient. For the most part, Tigrox can help improve respiratory system and enhance its function.

    RM 240.00