• Wellous American Ginseng Tablet

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    Ginsenoside is an active ingredient in American Ginseng. Other than being a medicine, it also posseses a strong health effect. It ca regulate the nervous system in brain, nourish the lung and protect the heart from diseases.

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  • Wellous Bio-Grape Seed

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    Bio-Grape Seed is an antioxidant formula containing grape seed extract standardized to 95% oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

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  • Wellous Bio-Lingzhi

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    Lingzhi mushroom possesses great effect of enhancing immune function and improving body’s resistance ability. Lingzhi mushroom has more than 2,000 years of medicinal history in China, it is also known as the magical herbs and according to legend, one can live forever once consume it.

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  • Wellous ISOduce

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    Women’s hormones especially estrogen is closely linked with their reproductive health and emotional well-being. With ISOduce, made with all-natural ingredients led by soy isoflavones, kacip fatimah, manjakani extract and mirifica extract and strengthened with soy powder, oat powder, silk amino acid and elderflower powder, women can be guaranteed they’re getting the best supplement to take care of their hormone system.

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  • Wellous M-COLL Collagen Candy

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    M-COLL is the marine collagen derived from deep sea fish, it also contains strawberry, orange, grape and oat. The combination of collagen with the powerful antioxidant ingredients formulated with Vitamin A, C, E, which can helps to whiten skin, remove dark spot and dullness, and improve uneven skin tone.

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  • Wellous SPI2RO

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    SPI2RO contains ingredients such as spirulina, spinach, and chlorella. SPI2RO is a health food that combines three functions: detoxification, repair and beauty

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