CREIGHTONS is the online store for our design & manufacturing centre located in Peterborough, England.
We product a wide range of products across many sectors in the Health and Beauty category.

We are proud to boast a stable of popular High Street names, which are synonymous with high quality and value for money. With over 250 years manufacturing experience we are confident we know what we are talking about.

A modern plant and high technology have replaced most of the early manufacturing processes, but the traditional sense of pride and quality continues to play an important part of Potter and Moore’s philosophy.

Our modern factory in the Cambridgeshire village of Werrington, near Peterborough, utilises advanced computerisation and the most sophisticated of production equipment. But the greatest strength of the Creightons is that we never forget we are pursuing a traditional craft.

The very latest technology goes hand in hand with the old standards of immaculate quality. is able to provide a wide range of personal care and beauty products with secure online shopping, browse between categories and brands to find the right type of product for you today.