Benton is a pharmaceutical brand for facial skin care, founded by Korean doctor, Jang Won and his brother, Chae Won Lee in 2007.

The first product of the brand was the snail and bee venom essence, Snail Bee High Content Essence, which Jang Won Lee created for his younger brother Chae Won suffering from sensitive and allergic skin.

The name of the brand "Benton" was inspired by the film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (in Korea the film was released as the “Time of Benjamin Button goes back”). Because of the wrong pronunciation of the name of the protagonist Button as "Benton" (Button - Benton), the new brand has found a name.

Jang Won Lee says: "Everyone wants to be beautiful and young, so we'll turn back time with ecological beneficial products" - this is the motto of Benton.

At the moment, the brand Benton produces only five cosmetic products that are all perfect for sensitive and allergic skin, prone to rashes.

Cosmetic products of this brand can be divided into two lines:

with venison mucin, bee venom and royal jelly;
with aloe vera.
The brothers are not going to stop there and plan to further expand the range.

The main philosophy in creating cosmetic products is the use of environmentally friendly and useful ingredients that really heal the skin without causing irritation.